Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bowl 34: Claudio

I am walking along the lake shore surrounded by swans.
White with orange beaks.
Black with red beaks.
Graceful in the water, they are ponderous on land,
their huge feet making slapping sounds as they wander the paths,
like old men walking in slippers several sizes too big.

We stand side by side
gazing at a black swan who is clearly practiced in posing for the camera.
He admires my bag and I offer a bowl.
Not because of the compliment,
but for the willingness to engage.

Actually I offer two and ask him to choose.
He selects my favorite, and then offers a bracelet that he takes from his arm.
The sun is shining, the water sparkles, all is beautiful.

He and his sister Claudiana have the day off and have just come from lunch with friends.
We chat about this and that, and part with lots of smiles and hugs.

My heart is light as I move among flocks of swans and people,
wandering aimlessly this beautiful afternoon at the lake. 



  1. First of all, I'm pretty sure I've never seen swan feet before. Wow! Secondly, what a bucolic meeting that was. You captured it beautifully. Thirdly, I love that pot. Carry on, my friend.

  2. Nice to imagine myself with you in FL while you so graciously share your self.