Monday, January 7, 2013

Bowl 33: Jordan

"Hi," he said as his mom helped him from the car.
His smile was glorious!
"I hope you're having a good day. Which one is your car?" he continued.
I was entranced, and followed them into the cafe.
After a brief chat with mom, I went to the table where Jordan waited.
"How old are you?" I asked.
"Five," he replied. "Mom, am I five?"
"Are you in first grade?"
"Mom, am I in first grade?"
"No, kindergarten."
"I'm in kindergarten!," he beamed.
His hands went carefully around the bowl.
Turning it round, feeling it's heft.
I pulled out my camera.
"You will need to take that off," he said pointing to the lens cap.
"ah, yes," I said, "something I often forget to do."
"Did you get my shirt in the picture too?" he asked.
and I showed him the photos . . . 
"You did," he said, and his eyes sparkled.

How easy it is to fall in love.
In just a moment the heart is captured,
suddenly head over heels, 
on a cloudy day in a parking lot
just like every other parking lot,
just when you least expect it.


  1. Love this one - bowl and boy. Very sweet!
    - Sandie Fenton

  2. Beautiful! Bless your heart and the ease with which it falls in love! I love the tea bowl project and hope to inspire the kids of our son's pottery class to maybe do something similar in their community.... (they are between 5-7 years old and need more practice before they produce their first bowls. Maybe we should do "good luck charms" instead -- could be anything: stars, hearts, marbles -- more doable for 5-year-old fingers... ;-)

    1. I love your idea . . . I'm certain that whatever you choose will be a wonderful experience for everyone involved . . .