Friday, February 1, 2013

Bowl 36: Anthony

he was sitting on a bench with his friend Lynnette,
enjoying the sun
bedding and belongings neatly packed next to them  . . .

Lake Eola, it is important to note, is not only home to swans
but also to people who have no other home . . .

we talked about the economy,
of hostess (and wonder bread and twinkies)
of how old, familiar business are disappearing . . .

he told me he hails from Cranston, Rhode Island
and arrived in Orlando a year ago via Naples -- Florida, not Italy.
she called out to a passing stranger, 
"I like your outfit! I have a leopard pillow like your scarf."

they admire the bowl,
and i wonder where they will put it
in the bulging packs that hold all their earthly possessions;
and i think of all the things in my life
accumulated over the years, holding memories, associations, history. . .
and wonder what it would be like to be living
with only a pack to my name
and a pillow to call my home.